MGL_Made is a cultural boutique created by two young Mongolian women, both living in New York City. Our brand represents our culture, while expressing our own unique style.

Meet out co-founders, Delger and Dokino.

Dokino, with her years of experience as an artist and designer, perfectly complements Delger, who has been running her own business for years. The brand was born out of a new friendship that blossomed into successful partnership.

"The very first time we met, we immediately bonded over our love for our shared heritage and passion for design. Our mutual love for our Mongolian heritage and art brought this collaboration to life. 

We created MGL_Made to bring unique and beautiful accessories with a twist of Mongolian culture, for everyone to enjoy.

Our missions is to share our beautiful culture with the world in an authentic way by creating wearable art pieces that are high-quality and affordable.